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Winkel en kelders zijn open ALLEEN tijdens de Week-End


Iedere zaterdag van 10:00  tot  18:00

Iedere zondag van 10:00  tot  13:00


Van 1 tot 31 december : iedere dag

van 13:00 tot 18:00



During more than 3000 years, people have been obsessed by the desire to produce the perfect wine. In the new millennium this quest still goes on at a myriad of wineries worldwide. Since all people have different preferences, thousands and thousands of wines have been created out of different grapes, on various soils and on almost all continents.

At Goorden wine, we would like to give you the opportunity to discover this vast diversity and present you carefully selected wines at the best prices.




Winkel en kelders te
801, Alsembergse Stwg
HR Brussel  580.474
1653   -   D W O R P
BTW  BE 452.286.155
TEL   :  02/380.54.37

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